"Dark Sky Park" Japan's first approvedstarry sky conservation district! !
Ishigakijima Northern part ☆ Iriomote Island
☆ Taketomi island ☆ Hateruma Island's starry sky tour.

Ambient starlit sky night tour

The sky of Yaeyama was recognized by the world!
March 30,2018, Iriomote Ishigaki National Park (Northern part of Ishigaki Island and Taketomi village) was officially recognized as the "Starry Sky conservation district" by the International Dark Sky Association.
We will guide you to the starlit spot you look up in the world's top class environment.
By the sea, in a sugar cane field, or riding a canoe, at the situations unique to the island of Okinawa.The tours are operated with guides.
※The starry sky tour is also includes surrounding area.

What's starry sky conservation district?

The International Dark Sky Association's "Dark Sky Place Program" (Starry Sky Conservation District Certification) is a system that honors excellent efforts to protect and preserve the dark and beautiful night sky without the influence of light damage.

石垣島 Ishigakijima

西表島 Ishigakijima

波照間島 Haterumajima